bond clean guarantee


How does it work?

We guarantee our FULL bond cleans only. Mini bond cleans, Sparkle cleans, Spring Cleans and regular cleans are time based services, and as such are not covered under our bond clean guarantee. 

When does it take effect ?

Our guarantee comes into effect once payment for the invoice has been received in full. 

How long is our guarantee?

Our guarantee is valid for 5 working days  after the clean is completed.

What does it cover?

Our guarantee covers all work we do at the property. If we use sub-contractors for any work, we will act on your behalf to have any issues rectified. 

What don't we cover?

We don't cover any mess left by other persons/contractors  that enter the property once we have completed the clean. This can be from pest control, carpet cleaning, foot traffic or environmental events etc. 

We won't cover the following:

  • Dust on obviously cleaned surfaces
  • Bugs in obviously cleaned light fixtures
  • Any grime on the leading edges of fan blades if fan has obviously been cleaned
  • Any dead bugs or chemical spray marks on any surface once pest control has been completed
  • Any water marks on floors or in sinks after carpet cleaning has been done (unless of course we do the carpets personally)
  • Any foot prints or debris on floors that have already been cleaned
  • Any contamination of the property after we lock up that was not present at the time of cleaning

What happens if rectification is required?

If the property fails on the first inspection, have your Property Manager contact us directly to arrange a time to have our staff re-attend to correct any issues. We will require a list of any further work required and access to keys for the property. We will attend to any extra work required within 2 business days of being notified. 

**Please note: If you live in a dusty environment, we will not accept call backs for dust that has obviously settled after the clean has been completed the first time.